Terms and conditions

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Terms & Conditions of Business Coaching
• Meetings will start at the scheduled time, even if the participant is delayed.

• Cancellation of a session for any reason other than emergencies will result in the surrender of the session. Your development should be your priority.

• You are encouraged to call or email your Coach between sessions if you are stuck, confused, challenged or just want to share your successes! Please respect your Coach’s time and be willing to keep interim calls to 5-10 minutes. Thank you.

• Your Coach will set your personal assignments to complete between sessions to help you in your growth.

• The coaching relationship is for a minimum 22 sessions unless otherwise stated/agreed – this ensures your best chances of making major steps forward in your awareness and goals.

• Your confidentiality is vital, and your Coach will never discuss or impart information about you to anyone else. Your Coach is required to keep a record of the number of hours that they perform coaching services for you. Unless you request otherwise, your name will be entered on that log. This is only ever seen by the professional standards committee member checking your Coach’s suitability for professional registration. Thank you in advance for your support of professional standards in coaching.

• Your Coach will never use information given by you during a coaching session for his or her own benefit.

• Your Coach will often give you their perspective on your situation, and may help to provide a selection of approaches to any one situation. Please note that you are responsible and accountable for any action that is, or isn’t taken based on those suggestions. Rise Reign Rule, S Corp and/or your Coach take no liability for the outcome, or consequences of your taking action or inaction at any time.

• Your Coach is not qualified to give specific legal or financial advice. Please be aware that this is a coaching relationship, designed to support you in finding your own options and that any suggestions given are based on helping you to make your own decisions and should not be taken as authoritative or as professional advice. Whether the subject matter is business, financial, health, or any other, please always seek advice from relevant qualified professionals before taking action.

© 2020 All Rights Reserved. Rise Reign Rule, S Corp
Unauthorized use, copy, distribution, or reformatting for any personal or commercial gain is strictly prohibited.