Rising, Reigning, and Ruling Queens
A 5 month program for high-achieving
women leaders
Connect the dots between the gap of where you want to be and where you are.

A 5-Month Coaching Experience

Weekly group meetings ranging from 60-90 minutes. Your opportunity to get live coaching in a safe, supportive space with other like-minded Queens.

Marry your feminine and masculine energy 

Rebecca's unique coaching integrates body, mind, spirit, and relationship together so that you can experience ease, progress, expansion. 

Group coaching that is CUSTOMIZED to YOU

Sounds like an oxymoron right? Each group member will receive a customized app 📱 experience to track your individual goals and progress.


Finally a tailored group coaching program that combines all aspects of a woman's life; personal, business, and relationship.



What Queens are saying

  • So it’s official! Best month ever! I cannot believe that I was able to get there even in a month when I was so busy with work and wedding planning! I never would have been able to do it without you! You kept me focused, gave me confidence, and pushed me to do the things I didn’t want to do, but knew I needed to do. I finally feel like I have some momentum and am moving forward with my business!


    RRR Client

  • I just wanted to thank you SOOOO much for earlier today. I don’t think I’ve felt so clear and confident about my next steps since starting TNG. Is this what coaching feels like?!?! It’s incredible!


    RRR Client

  • Thank you, Rebecca! I’m 1000% excited and ready for this new life. I said it before and I’ll say it again - so happy to have her support!!


    RRR Client

  • I feel like a huge lightbulb has come on inside of me and I’m blown away. I’m excited to take back my power and see what abilities I have NOW as I’m claiming and stepping into my power. I feel so much clarity in the ways I balance my feminine and masculine energies as an advisor! Thank you!! I literally couldn’t have done it without you. You helped me get my groove back!


    RRR Client

  • I don’t have the words to express the impact Rebecca has made on my life. She is such a great resource for us, but the genuine love and fierceness with which she holds up and blows wind under the wings of others is something I’ve never seen before. She is such a gift to those who are blessed to work with her. The faith she has, the greatness she sees, the fire she inspires… she is a QUEEN, and the REAL path to our true royalty. 


    RRR Client

Here's what to expect from the program

Are you determined to look inside yourself, process your emotions and actually DO the work to make your dream life become a reality? Rising, Reigning, Ruling Queens will give you all the tools to get your life into ACTION, but it all depends on YOU.

Learn how to create a clear & inspiring life vision for yourself.
You get to decide an outcome and learn exactly how to build a solid road map to where you want to go.
Learn how honor yourself and stay committed to your vision no matter what.
Learn how to sustain steady momentum and experience continuous progress minus any form of overwhelm.

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In this 5 month transformative program you get:

Group Coaching : 20, 1x a week coaching sessions ranging from 60-90 minutes.
The chance to be featured in the group "Hot Seat"
Interactive Environment: Get access to pre-call questionnaires to take your journey to the next level.
Customized App 📱 : Gain access to the private Queens app with trackers for progress and more.
Private Community: Interact with your fellow Queens outside of calls through the private, online community.

Rebecca here! Welcome to my dream come true...

I ran a financial services practice, for 7 years, servicing around 300 families a year. I began my practice with 21 dollars in my account, homeless and with every odd against me. From divorce, to dating disasters, I dreamt of a woman that could help me navigate both business and the beautiful life I deeply desired. 

You have landed here for a reason. Turns out, there is one key thing undermining your success, happiness and living as our highest self. It is truly that most women are struggling to find their strength inside of their courage, compassion, commitment, and perseverance.

In our coaching of women entrepreneurs and CEO’s, we have found many correlating aspects of our vision helping them achieve their version of an extraordinary life. We didn’t want to limit it to them, so, Rise Reign Rule was born. We keep our retreats and community selective and exclusive. 


Frequent Questions; Answered

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You’ll have a tangible improvement in your ability to reinvent yourself on all levels. Don’t be surprised if the people in your life start to comment on how differently you begin to handle things and how you glow from within!

Rising, Reigning, Ruling Queens requires you to do work on yourself, and then take away action items to work on every week. It’s an opportunity to better understand yourself, your own behaviors, and mind.
It's a huge asset to have the support and accountability of other high-achieving women that get you. 

You’re learning from being coached in the group format, and also learning from other people being coached.

Hearing from women and getting to know them in such an intimate way, coming from all walks of life, and different experiences is such an incredible experience in itself.

This is a safe and confidential environment, a judgment-free zone where it’s safe to be vulnerable and to explore the stories that are keeping you stuck.
If you aren't ready, there’s power in hearing others get coached. You’re able to see clearly how their thought process is flawed, even if you can’t recognize it in yourself. Witnessing their lightbulb moment will illuminate your own. There’s so much power in a group of women coming together to up level their lives.

The truth is...the more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it. But even a small amount of mindwork (5-15 minutes a day) can make a difference. All calls will be recorded. I also strongly encourage you to utilize the community for support as well as the customized app to keep you on track and track your progress.

Your self-directed learning is “take at your own pace” with worksheets, prompts, and more provided for you to refer to. As mentioned above, we recommend committing to a minimum of 5-15 minutes of thought-work a day to see results.

All calls will be recorded and available for you to watch, or listen.

You’ll have full access to the curriculum for the lifetime of the Rising, Reigning, and Ruling Queens program.

All group coaching, Q & A’s and online communication is kept private within our cohort of queens.  All one-on-one coaching sessions are 100% confidential between you and Rebecca.

Yes! We welcome high-achieving women from all corners of the globe as part of our community.


“As a self-proclaimed self-development junkie, I was no stranger to inner growth and transformation before meeting Rebecca. Little did I know what kind of a catalyst she would be taking me to whole new levels of peace and wholeness when she unexpectedly popped into my life a little under a year ago. “I’m talking about being at home in your heart.” This phrase she shared in one of our early conversations is what hooked me. And she has delivered on her promise in spades. Through gentle yet insightful (and sometimes uncomfortable) conversations, she has helped this once high performing, insecurely attached “achiever” become a more peaceful, confident, secure, wholehearted business owner, wife, mother, and friend. The internal and personal transformation alone has been worth the investment of coaching with Rebecca, and I’m so excited to also be seeing the exponential growth happening in my business to make an even greater impact through my work. Rebecca’s coaching experience is like no other, and I can’t give her a higher recommendation to other successful females who also desire to live wholeheartedly.”

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