Once you see the next level, things forever change. 


You will be aligned with a group of women who support, which changes your game almost immediately. Within this group, you are guaranteed to see others who are pushing beyond limits you may have only imagined.


1:1 coaching with the Queen, Rebecca Korn offers you an experience like no other. You will be in the hotseat, get down and dirty, and share deeply, so we are able to truly breakthrough in every way. 


You will have members only access to breakthrough classwork and worksheets that are constantly added to from previous clients breakthroughs, previous group classes as well as meditations for you to get as much as you'd desire through this program.

So where do you begin?

In this climb of life, often it’s positioned by “coaches” or “mentors”. We believe in scaling. In massive change. We don’t believe in the traditional form of coaching. We believe in development and results that drive us to our most divine version of self in all areas. For that reason, we are very selective with the individuals we select for this process, if you are interested, please fill out the form here, and we will be in contact!

These women, who are selectively chosen alongside you, are the different breed. The ones, who when born, knew they were destined for something greater. They also have that little voice that simply doesn't go away that whispers at night - "there's more". This is your key to more. We will be in touch with you shortly.