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Her Reign™ is not a "support" group. It is designed to empower, enlighten and inspire queens in all areas of life.

  • Level up your business
  • Find clarity around Business Building
  • Financial Strategies for Business owners
  • Change your mindset
  • Level up your marketing strategies
  • Video trainings
  • Change your Perspective
  • Change your LIFE

When you join Her Reign™, you are joining a group of women who are growing in all areas, working together to achieve success, and becoming the queens they were always meant to be.

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Created by a Fellow Queen

Her Reign™ was created and is guided by Rebecca Korn, award winning financial advisor and entrepreneur of RiseReignRule. She ran a multi employee firm with millions under management that broke records that were over 65 years old. She has spoken professionally inside of women's development groups, leadership innovation and had national recognition within her companies for not only breaking the glass ceiling but blowing it to smithereens in a male dominated industry.

She specialized in building financial freedom for her Business Owner clients, awarded multiple “Best of”s over 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019. Rebecca was featured in International Best Selling Books for her marketing strategy and innovation building brand recognition nationally, and now internationally.


With all that to say, Rebecca knows that there is more to life than business alone. That's why she has stepped away from finance and dedicated herself to helping other women achieve their goals and reach their innate potential.

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Supporting the Pillars of a Woman's Life

Life is complex and made of many parts. Neglecting any one of them can bring about a deterioration of the others. Her Reign™ takes up and addresses all of the main pillars of life, so that each queen can flourish and blossom in any area they choose.


Get support with health, diet and exercise so that you can look and feel your best, with plenty of energy to take on each new challenge.


Learn how to get into the best mindset and maintain a high self-esteem with the love and support of the Her Reign™ group. Learn to love yourself and reach your potential.


Create healthy and exciting relationships where you can achieve fulfillment. Become the best woman you can be for a mutually beneficial partnership.


Discover how to turn the tables and succeed in the business world. Empower yourself with the knowledge and skill necessary to succeed and connect with others.

Take Your First Step, Queen

It is never too late to change the course of your life. If you've been struggling to make a go of it, or if you have been indecisive in making a move, you need to join Her Reign™. Become part of a community of women all working together to help support each other to live their best life and unleash their inner queen. Get the information you need, the support you deserve, and the confidence you require to achieve your goals. Whether they are in the world of family, business, love, or anything else, Her Reign™ has something to offer you.

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