Why You Should Consider Hiring a Feminine Business Coach

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Running a business can be a challenging and rewarding experience. However, for women, the traditional business culture often does not align with their feminine nature. Many women find themselves at odds with the way things are done in business, leading to feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt.

This was certainly the case for myself, Rebecca. Every single day I felt the need to contort myself into a mold that did not fit my true self. You might be a lot like me, because I was convinced that in o…

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What Is Judgement? It's Separation from Love

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Our judgement shows up to make sure we feel better, smarter and more capable than another. As it comes in quickly, it also fades away and leaves us a bit darker, a bit more scarcity-based, and a bit more isolated.

The truth is, judgement is simple. It's separation from love.

The other day, I reached out to someone in finance to see if she wanted to be featured on my podcast. You see, she focuses on a specific sector of the market that I believed could have really benefited my audience. She sch…

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Let's Talk about Perceived Value. This Is for the Entrepreneur AND Consumer

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I want to share with you a quick story that highlights perceived value in real life way. 

Investopedia defines perceived value in this way.

"Perceived value is a customer's own perception of a product or service's merit or desirability to them, especially in comparison to a competitor's product. Perceived value is measured by the price the public is willing to pay for a good or service."

A customer asked a contractor friend of mine how much it would cost to do a project. My friend gave him a …

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