Are You A "Reactive" Woman? Or A "Feminine" Woman?


Are you a "reactive" woman? Or a "feminine" woman? Do you desire to deepen into your femininity, but aren't really sure how to get there?

Let's explore some of these edges for a moment...

Women will tell me: "Rebecca, are you telling me I can't be authentic and tell people how I truly feel?"

I always desire you to be heard with what you truly feel, but its very uncommon for most of us to truly give the time and consideration to ourselves in deep reflection. Think about the last time you got c…

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How to Be a Mentally Strong Woman in Hard Times


Who are you when it’s not “easy and effortless”? Do you ever think to yourself, "how can I be mentally strong when hard times hit?" 

Who we are, how we act and treat others during times of breakdown determines if we’ll get the breakthrough.

Are you:

  • Trusting, even when the odds are stacked against you?
  • Persisting despite your setbacks and challenges?
  • Showing up even when it’s hard and feels like no one believes in you?
  • Remembering your power and magic, and that, with God, all things are …

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