Self Love

We Live Distracted Lives, How Can We Stop?

February Blog


Being busy.

Blowing through self-care

A mind that never stops

Hustling with no off button

TV shows, binge watching, always looking for that next hit of stimulation

A full social calendar or an empty one, and yet rushing is there.

Co-dependent relationships where we are always fixing or saving or asking to be fixed or saved, with endless talking, gossiping about the men we are obsessed with, and creating more space for obsessing (obsessing is addiction to distraction and not being…

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Repressed emotions may be killing your light


Do you struggle with repressed emotions during the holiday season? Lots of us do...

WebMD defines repressed emotions as:

"Usually refers to the tendency to avoid uncomfortable feelings. You unconsciously push painful feelings, thoughts, or memories out of your consciousness. This lets you forget them. You may do this for fear of damaging your positive self-image. These are unprocessed emotions. But they can still affect your actions."

Are you avoiding situations from your past? Are you fleein…

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Are You A "Reactive" Woman? Or A "Feminine" Woman?


Are you a "reactive" woman? Or a "feminine" woman? Do you desire to deepen into your femininity, but aren't really sure how to get there?

Let's explore some of these edges for a moment...

Women will tell me: "Rebecca, are you telling me I can't be authentic and tell people how I truly feel?"

I always desire you to be heard with what you truly feel, but its very uncommon for most of us to truly give the time and consideration to ourselves in deep reflection. Think about the last time you got c…

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So You Want to Be Successful? Success Defined for a Woman


We all want to be successful. But success is a pretty elusive thing, right?

It's not just about how much money you make or how many people you can influence with your ideas. It's about whether you're proud of who you've become as you've grown.

The journey to success is not a straight line.

You will encounter obstacles, and you will fail.

But the most important thing is how you respond to these challenges.

How do you handle disappointment? Are you able to bounce back from failure? Are you ab…

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Let Things Spin out as an Act of Self Love

As you grow more and more in self esteem you realize you don't have to react to things, you don't need closure as much as you thought you did. We sometimes need to let things 'spin out' and let them be.

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