The New Finance Paradigm: Integrating Masculine and Feminine Energies for Women

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As women in business, we often look at goals into the future to pace our accomplishments. We are also heavily weighted with this belief that if we do not act like the pushy, forced sales person, our business will not succeed.

Much of what Rise Reign Rule teaches is centered into the understanding that healing this contrived masculine-warped-teaching isn’t necessary for you to thrive in the world.

Masculine & Feminine energies in business

We all have masculine and feminine energies that allow us to be complex forces of nature as women; so don’t get me wrong, the masculine isn’t all bad. When the masculine exists without the feminine though, we neglect her value and her nuance in our bodies and our world.

We place these contingencies and stringencies on our entire selves to be able to strive and accomplish. Because achievement has been what society has solely identified for us as an important aspect of life as a business owner. From a very young age, we look to others to judge and identify that things are looking good.

These identifications happen early, and unconsciously; they perpetuate unconsciously then as well. Mommy, do you see this painting? Did you see what your brother did? We then wonder, when we don’t accomplish them, why there is an enormity of pain, criticism and suffering in the wake while embodying the voices that have been gestated into our DNA unconsciously.

In business, especially in finance, a big part of this masculine-fed-feminine disconnection is the focus of outcome over process. Doing things as a means to getting praised in that Monday morning meeting or your name in lights is cultivated into the embodiment of what we identify as a successful financial advisor, loan officer, or real estate investor. We see so many examples in our current world where we are constantly fed beliefs around what it means to be successful.

This drives us toward success in any way necessary. If that success is fulfilled or acquired in a way that requires manipulation, hustle and force.

The unethical temptation is the place where the woman in finance begins to lose herself. She first feels the guilt in the commission or the payout of what was placed, and the tainting of the lighted path she had once envisioned begins to become fogged over with complexities and trepidation.

The truth is, the industry of business and finance doesn’t understand how to teach the feminine, let alone see through their accomplishment in how the feminine practice is the key to the development of trust with their clients. When we recognize that by nurturing our practice, our clients feel our centering in integrity with our deeper nature.

The question is, how do we develop the depth of trust in the more natural, feminine infused financial practices when so much in the world tells us that we need to distort our masculine approach in business.

The approach of feminine business we are talking about here, is not the idea that passivity and surrender is primary. The misconception with the feminine is that she is only passive, and soft. I don’t know about you, but I love a sassy, saucy fired up woman. She is fierce, and rooted in her mission in a force. She is centered in the understanding that its not about selling themselves, compromising themselves, privacy or vulnerability in order to succeed in business.

As more women stand in their truth of their world, it will pave the way for all of this to feel so much easier. If you just scoffed here, keep reading.

The lack of excitement to finish projects?
Yes, thats you looking for the achievement first.
The lack of organization and methodology in your practice?
It's a wild woman’s way of resisting putting all of herself into a box.

If you are feeling stuck in the old ways of saying things, scripting, marketing, and trapped in the space of the masculine-fed-processes, there are easier and softer ways of doing things where you can actually breathe.

Yet even as you experience this the first time, we all root ourselves into resistance, doubt and distrust. This happens when we try to fix everything all at once with our femininity. Instead of trying to anchor into language, client flow and connection. What I’ve learned, is when you begin in ease with one area, the doors will naturally unlock.

There is no shame in this distrusting skepticism, releasing the parts of you that you think you need to get ahead and rush. Nurture these parts of you, which will allow you to soften even more deeply into this newfound trust with yourself, universe and your mission to serving your clients.

In this recognition, my business is not a vehicle to only achieve or “succeed” in the world, but a way to deepen into my purpose of healing poverty in finance femme entrepreneurs.

My deepest value is standing in integrity, passion and in support in women in feminine business. A way of interacting as a business owner but first and foremost, we are women.


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