The 3 Keys to Build Your Business to 30k a Month...


The 3 keys to build your business to 30k a month, lead strategies, group strategies, marketing, accounting, strategy, strategy for your strategy; information overload is a very real thing.

You left that ad opened on Instagram, just to come back with it so you can check it out. It’s only $7 and it will give you a pack of 500 Instagram posts you’ll never use anyway. Or that lead generation source up on Facebook, enroll for just $497 and it will be the key to success in just one week! But, it will remain unopened in your inbox because you just have no time.

So many places to access information.

So many alerts rapidly thrown at our minds, eyes, thought patterns.

It is overwhelming to the intuitive, passion and sensitive depth you once relaxed into.

The clarity that was your business in the first place was rooted in passion and impact, but what happened?

The world is glued to their phones, things instantly popping up, singing alerts our attention spans have become shorter and our expectations shooting through the roof with what ‘success’ looks like by marketing techniques, and 97 dollar programs.

This very unbalanced relationship we have with “progress” is wildly distorting our passion and leaving the clarity of our needs to be warped in a never-ending fog. Forget calm and clear, the fog has such fear, it results in grabbing and jumping on the next “hot pick” that lands in front of us.

Deep breath

Imagine your mind like water in a pond as calm as glass. Where you have clarity in the depths of yourself, creating a resonance with your discernment, because you have this unwavering sense of inner understanding.The key difference is, discernment and choice.

Imagine the balance you breathe when you know you cannot be influenced from the outside, that your dedication, and commitment to the way your business will expand is clear, committed and consistently flowing.

Where you have the space to paint, or go on family walks, do a movie day, without having a single moment of panic in your business.

To what end will it take from you, in participating in things that compromise your deepest needs, soul, and connection to your true desire?
To what end do we “use” the systems, or the ”platforms” to sacrifice your joy to get the likes or follows you think you need?
To what end will the reliance on each of these hooks pull us into this darkness of reliance giving up our feminine souls for the ”game” of getting ahead?

We’ve been consistently taught that we need to compromise our souls to achieve “success”. It doesn’t end in the business world.

That “do whatever it takes” mentality is dripping in every ad campaign, program and special offer. Even if it feels out of integrity, or entirely unsustainable.
It does not have to be this way.


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