HOW to Manifest Your Deepest Life Dreams and Business Desires

May Blog

Everyone seems to be talking about manifestation and the law of attraction these days. Especially when it comes to relationships, love, money, and business. But how do we, as women, manifest our deepest desires and life goals?

The faster you demand, and go, the more you push the divine out of your life. The more you miss you. The more you miss magical moments.

Slow down, human. Learn to rest and take in the magical beauty on this planet.

A reminder: What belongs to you will effortlessly flow into your life.

Instead of worrying about how, or fighting yourself in the journey, try to relax and be in a deserving state to receive.

  • Believe that it is already yours.
  • Start owning and being the energy of what you want to receive.
  • Start matching the frequency of the gifts you want to attract.

Abandonment trauma will be the voice that leads to sabotage to affirms its fears.

Someone who has the invisible injury of an abandonment wound is always waiting for the “other shoe to drop.”

It can show up in different ways...Comparison, believing everyone is working harder or will be more ahead than you. The belief that you’ll be left behind, or that you’ll never find better than...and the list goes on.

Sabotage is often instigated by abandonment of her worthiness.

Abandonment of worthiness happens because the darkness is easier to believe and faith tries to fly away and isolate her.

Turn toward the light darling.
Dreaming. Playing. Living.
Are just as are more productive than society wants you to believe hustle is.

You can’t be deceived by the darkness anymore.
After all, you aren’t made for easy.
You’re made to Rise above the storm to bask in the light.


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