We Live Distracted Lives, How Can We Stop?

February Blog


Being busy.

Blowing through self-care

A mind that never stops

Hustling with no off button

TV shows, binge watching, always looking for that next hit of stimulation

A full social calendar or an empty one, and yet rushing is there.

Co-dependent relationships where we are always fixing or saving or asking to be fixed or saved, with endless talking, gossiping about the men we are obsessed with, and creating more space for obsessing (obsessing is addiction to distraction and not being present with self)...

All of these exact costs, draining us of our feminine vitality and feminine energy.........  

Energy is always exerted.

Even when you are doing mindful yoga or meditation, your nervous system is ready to jump out of class and go.

Addiction to stimulus.............It's very real. It's often driven by real, unprocessed grief that tries to come up and visit us along with our inner child that hasn't spent time with us and is missing us terribly.

Feeling our feelings? Another thing to blow through, another checkbox on our endless To-Do list that only gets longer and longer.

Work hard, play hard. Work is an addiction, playing hard is hedonistic addiction.

All of it leads to our Soul BURNING OUT..........a candle on its last wisp. The results of our aggressive pace eating up the last bits of our vital emotional energy- so much so we either harden beyond who we used to be or collapse in depression, anxiety, and more.

We've become Codependent with our life, on the constant need for another hit of stimulus and distraction. FLying from one thing to another, with no space in between. In fact, we are rushing to fill in every space with diversion.

As women, our energy is our vitality and it THRIVES ON SLOW..... on non-distracted, on not being heavily stimulated (MEANING OUR NERVOUS SYSTEM is on)......

On NOT rushing, on enjoying life for the sake of being alive, right now, goofily and carefree laughing in this moment. Of resting, sleeping, going in, of replenishing energy not draining it.......

Slowing down and saying, "life will be ok if I let go, I won't die, I will survive, things won't fall apart, I CAN BE WITH ME FOR A WHILE."

PEOPLE mistake "being with me" to mean being alone while being stimulated binge-watching a tv series or binge eating, none of these are "being with you"...they are just spaces to be more and more stimulated so we don't feel what our Soul really needs to feel.

You as a woman need spaces where you are NOT exerting energy or having your nervous system spiked and stimulated, where you are present with yourself. That will fill your feminine energy cup and allow your innate healing to move through your body.

SLOW does not mean isolation. SLOW does not mean exerting. SLOW does not mean distracted. SLOW means every breath, every emotion, nature, beauty, quiet, rest, FEELING. That is YIN.

  • Turning off blue light and being off all computers and phones after 6:00 pm
  • Letting natural sunset light fill your space, senses, eyes, and body to get your circadian rhythm (your hormones) back on track.
  • Meditating
  • Sleep ritual before bedtime
  • Slow shower
  • Grounding your feet on grass, barefoot
  • Letting sunlight hit your body early in the morning and taking in big breaths of air.
  • Listening and swaying to beautiful music
  • Taking your time with your routines
  • Eating SLOWLY and chewing your food
  • Listening to how your body feels before and after meals
  • Taking time to body brush your skin and move your lymph
  • Painting in quiet, meditatively
  • Listening to spiritual teaching that is not demanding anything of you (*you are not good enough!) but surrounding you with beauty
  • Walking on the beach
  • Hiking slowly and without heavy exertion to be out in nature and fresh air
  • Touching plants, taking your time making a green smoothie
  • Hot and comforting warm beverages
  • Cooling fruits eaten slowly and savored.
  • A long swim where you move gently with waves or in a pool.
  • Holding hands and going on a long, slow, walk.

And remembering you can still do all of the above and rush through them, blow through them without being HERE........without turning your nervous system off........as one more checkbox on your endless To DO list, or begin to BE here with yourself and realize SLOW is healing medicine that should not ever be ignored.


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