What Is Judgement? It's Separation from Love

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Our judgement shows up to make sure we feel better, smarter and more capable than another. As it comes in quickly, it also fades away and leaves us a bit darker, a bit more scarcity-based, and a bit more isolated.

The truth is, judgement is simple. It's separation from love.

The other day, I reached out to someone in finance to see if she wanted to be featured on my podcast. You see, she focuses on a specific sector of the market that I believed could have really benefited my audience. She scheduled with us, and didn’t show to the appointment.

The truth is, after reaching out, she harshly judged the company because we are “coaches”. I know, I know, it’s a terrifying thing. Rationalizing the judgement, she expressed how she didn’t want to “waste your time”. I completely released her and filled the spot with a force of a woman in finance who deepened into the conversation, and sought to understand why I was reaching out to her.

She has love in her calendar.
She also has a coach.

The truth is, the first advisor wasted her own time and furthered herself away from having the ability to express more about what she does (and its a damn shame for her). We have such an incredible reach inside of our social engines that it truly would have massively benefited her practice and given an incredible opportunity to impact more people (approximately 150k easily).

The truth is, we live in divisive times, and separation has become the norm.

  • Your silence in placating or judgment is hurting your business.
  • Your assumptions are hurting your business.
  • Your scheduling appointments to have them “on your calendar” is hurting your reputation.

This separation away from love, opportunity and joy is the root of systemic racism, xenophobic leaders, and even terrorism. Here are a few ways we can try to combat this starting TODAY.

  • Love your calendar by making sure things scheduled are truly in alignment.
  • Love your passion in ways that gives and expands in love and abundance of time and consideration.
  • Love your business by practicing how to evaluate what comes in and what stays out.
  • Love your relationships by popping a like in support of growth, versus feeling threatened by it.
  • Love your energy by knowing what ignites it, versus taking the good old ways.

I hope this resonates with you today, Queen. Do not let judgement rule your day or your actions 💋 

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