Repressed emotions may be killing your light


Do you struggle with repressed emotions during the holiday season? Lots of us do...

WebMD defines repressed emotions as:

"Usually refers to the tendency to avoid uncomfortable feelings. You unconsciously push painful feelings, thoughts, or memories out of your consciousness. This lets you forget them. You may do this for fear of damaging your positive self-image. These are unprocessed emotions. But they can still affect your actions."

Are you avoiding situations from your past? Are you fleeing from certain emotions because the pain of them is too great for you to handle?

At the heart of it all, repressed emotions are un-actualized spiritual lessons.

Until we go back down the path, to reflect and claim them. Believe it or not, they are still in their holding locker, growing in intensity, blocking our capacity for authentic presence and sabotaging aspects of life we aren’t present to. They don’t just obstruct the path—they congeal remnants of our lives and situated themselves so they eat us alive from the inside out, turning against us in the form of illness and even death.

When we flee the shadow, we flee parts of ourselves. It’s not all light in us, of that, we can be sure. The shadow that we fled with all our might, doesn’t just go away. It waits around the next bend to trip us up, reminding us that it wants to be seen. Not because it wants us to suffer, but because it wants us to heal and come home to ourselves. It wants us to grow. Our shadows aren’t the enemy. Repression is.

Quick fix equals long suffering.
Long fix equals authentic transformation.

Sitting with ourselves and creating intentional awareness around what we desire, what we want to intend, what we yearn to improve will allow us to soar.

Give space to this thought, how are you preparing for your clients? What about yourself, and what you need? Breathe presence in your heart and see what shows up, Queen.


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