How to Be a Mentally Strong Woman in Hard Times


Who are you when it’s not “easy and effortless”? Do you ever think to yourself, "how can I be mentally strong when hard times hit?" 

Who we are, how we act and treat others during times of breakdown determines if we’ll get the breakthrough.

Are you:

  • Trusting, even when the odds are stacked against you?
  • Persisting despite your setbacks and challenges?
  • Showing up even when it’s hard and feels like no one believes in you?
  • Remembering your power and magic, and that, with God, all things are possible?
  • Keeping one foot planted in potentiality, bridging the connection to all possibilities and limitless…

…..OR, are you only using logic, and your past programming, as a base for which your thoughts and beliefs stem?

… Because logical thinking = logical results. Logical results = status quo; mediocre at best.

If we desire BIG, bold, magical, miraculous, mind-blowing, doesn’t make sense, time-collapsing, quantum leaps…. then we have to think outside of the box.

…Beyond our limitations and past-programming.

…Beyond what we’ve seen before, what we’ve done before.

…Beyond the scope of what we assume is possible.


Albert Einstein, the Wright Brothers, Elon Musk, Oprah Winfrey, Walt Disney, Nikola Tesla, Marie Curie, MLK, Isaac Newton, Thomas Edison. What if they had only believed in what had been done before, instead of what was possible? What if they had given in to their own doubts or the doubts of those around them? What if they chose to believe their fears over their faith…It would be a very different world.

Now, imagine if every human on the planet believed in their own possibility and strived to live up to their highest potential….

What would the world look like?

Remember that we have within us the potential to create magic and do what has never been done before. Our tiny brains and limited perspectives cannot fathom all that is truly possible for us within this lifetime.

Keep going.

Keep holding that vision.

Keep realigning and becoming intimately aware of practicing your process.

Every setback is just another step closer to it working.

Your queendom is just around the corner.

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