Why We over Give Ourself and Receive Nothing in Return


Have you ever given great advice to others about how they need to improve their lives, even going so far as to remind them and keep them accountable and also always "be there" for them to vent and share.....

....While you feel more and more exhausted and your life and business is not where you want it to be? 

Maybe you are spending weekends alone, watching endless hours of TV series.....your energy has crashed, and.....you feel depressed and lonely?

That's the voice of Codependency also known as self-abandonment.

You see, when we were very young, we learned that in order to get our needs met, we needed to meet others' needs first. We learned that by doing that, we would be loved, have presence, and we would be seen.

All of our energy goes outwards in, instead of inside out.

You see, there is a mistaken core belief on which Codependency is built that if we do that much for others, surely we will be taken care of, that love and success will come back to us. We will finally attract the parents that will come and tell us how to be, and care for ourselves, and keep the US accountable while also caretaking us.

And..... it never happens that way, does it?

Codependency thrives on these core beliefs that if I over give of myself to others, even to the point of burnout and self-harm, they will need me, and therefore they will never leave. However I have left myself a long time ago. Maybe I never was given the chance to even know how to be there for myself.

Hence a long wake of broken relationships with friends and lovers - and my heart broken along with them.

Perhaps because of this pattern you have started to believe love isn't possible.....and YET IT IS! It is more than possible!

But first, let's talk about this self-abandonment

You see, a man can't love a woman who isn't there, because she is outside of herself always over-giving and overworking to earn love. It does not honor masculine/feminine polarity between a man and a woman. We then take this dynamic of over-giving into love with men and this feels masculine to them. The Masculine needs to pursue and give to the Feminine who receives him.  When we are constantly in our heads figuring out how to hook him in with our over-giving of ourselves, he has no place to give his masculine devotion.

Want to know where all of this comes from? The Queen’s Dating Guide goes in depth about how to attract the one who’s missing from your life. You will gain access to how to heal your Codependency & Self Abandonment. This course will blow your mind, heal your heart and help you to see wholeness is more than possible- and so is a thriving love life!

You can be healed and free of self-abandonment and Codependency when you truly attach to your own heart by coming home to yourself, (I'll teach you how) ...and learn to love and care and ground in your own body and feminine needs (and finally find out it was safe all along) - and learn through self love to choose yourself.

That's when you become >>>>>> a Queen of a Woman. A woman who built herself into a wise woman. A woman who respects herself so deeply and so much in alignment, one cannot even imagine disrespect with her.

And that's when your love life is ignited and on fire- and you take quantum leaps to manifesting your desires in love!

You thrive, you succeed, you become everything you were destined for- and have a fulfilling love life you are thrilled by!


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