Rise. Reign. Rule. 

The Reasons Behind What We Do  

Welcome to Rise Reign Rule, my very own dream come true. My name is Rebecca, and I am
devoted to helping women like you embrace the feminine power you hold within.


Rebecca here. Welcome to my dream come true. I ran a financial services practice, for 7 years, servicing around 300 families a year. I began my practice with 21 dollars in my account, homeless and with every odd against me. From divorce, to dating disasters, I dreamt of a woman that could help me navigate both business and the beautiful life I deeply desired. 

There was a woman deep within who I knew was capable of navigating and succeeding, not only in
business, but in the beauty of life too... and I wasn’t going to stop until I both met and became her.
Having now become this woman, and in understanding the process it took to step into her, I have
committed myself to helping other women find their internal feminine power too.

You have landed here for a reason. Turns out, there is one key thing undermining your success, happiness and living as our highest self. It is truly that most women are struggling to find their strength inside of their courage, compassion, commitment, and perseverance.

So what do we do? We turn to male coaches who have a list of registrations of being a “coach” and hope that he can lean in hard enough to make us scared enough to level up. Then, when it doesn’t work, we seek deeper. We quickly find, that we cannot follow parked cars. Coaching from a chair in a pretty office doesn’t take much strategy. If the coach themselves hasn’t owned successful businesses, do you really think they will know what it takes to get you to the next level. As we “reign” in our strengths of what we believe to be the magic of our empire to embrace others and help them soar with success.

In our one on one ascension coaching of women entrepreneurs and CEO’s, we have found many correlating aspects of our vision helping them achieve their version of an extraordinary life. We didn’t want to limit it to them, so, Rise Reign Rule was born. We keep our retreats and community selective and exclusive. However, our online programs and coaching are evolving and quickly growing!

So, Welcome. We are truly honored to have met your acquaintance!

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Pushing Through the Pressures of a Patriarchal Society

There is no denying the disparity between what success looks like for a woman compared to our
male counterparts. That’s because as women, we have to work harder to be seen as equal or as
powerful as men. While we wish we could wave a magic wand or bring down an iron fist to change
the archaic systems that keep us on the back foot, playing the patriarchal game and winning is
currently our most viable option.

In order for a woman to find success, there is a lot of quintessential masculinity we have to
embody. We have to be stern, decisive, analytical, and independent all traits typically associated
with men only tapping into our innate feminine characteristics when we know they will be
beneficial. While our ability to be emotional, nurturing, gentle, and empathetic allows us to
approach business aspects from more creative angles, we are still encouraged (or forced) to see
the power of these feminine characteristics through a masculine filter.

...And that might just be what landed you here on this page...

Screen Shot 2022-10-31 at 9.28.15 AM

You see, as incredible as it may be that us women are able to shift between the gendered
attributes each of us has within, if we want to find occupational success, more masculinity is
required. And when our efforts of success end up taking years to achieve, the masculinity that
we’ve been tapping into becomes more of who we are, instead of something we are making use of.

I’m here to help you rediscover your feminine power and show you how to
use it – not only to find occupational success, but to bring balance and
happiness back into your life too.

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Ladies... Find Yourself a Female High Performance, Ascension Coach. The Search is Over. Let’s Do This Together!

The most important thing to look for when searching for a high performance, ascension coach is how much of your world we will be able to understand and inform. Most of us tend to hop on a quick Google search and find the most qualified coaches in our area. But...

...What problem does this pose for women? Most of these coaches are men.

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That’s not to say these coaching professionals wouldn’t be able to assist in bringing balance back
into your life...it’s more to do with their lack of connection to your lived experience. The sole reality
that they are men means that you will be missing out on a lot of perspectives that could get you to
where you are going a lot sooner.

As a female ascension coach, I’m not only able to give you a feminine perspective, but I too
have owned a successful business meaning I know what it takes to get both you and your
business to the next level.


Helping You Find Your Purpose

And Get To the Next Level of Life

Having a purpose is vitally important to your health and happiness. But the thing about a purpose
is that you can’t merely pick one; you have to discover what it is. And that starts with turning

For the longest time, I thought that my purpose was running my financial service practice. But in
reality, this simply served as a stepping stone towards achieving my true purpose.

I believe that my purpose on Earth is to help you find your purpose through one on one
coaching for women!

I am committed to giving you the tools needed to help you discover how to deal with burnout,
overwhelm, and work-related stress. Making it in the business world can be incredibly stressful and
even cause other areas of our lives to take strain.

You May Find That You’re Having Difficulties:

  • Maintaining relationships of any kind
  • Finding the motivation to exercise
  • Keeping your energy levels high
  • Truly relaxing when you have downtime

Our health and wellbeing are not determined by one, single factor. In order to enjoy the success
we have created, we need to ensure that every other aspect of our lives is in balance too. In
discovering how to deal with burnout, you will realize the importance of prioritizing the other
aspects of your life that help make a well-rounded and happy individual.


Stepping Into the Rise Reign Rule Community

More than Just “Coaching”

Outside of one on one ascension coaching for women, we have created a Rise Reign Rule community
dedicated to helping you discover your feminine power and find your purpose alongside likeminded
women who are committed to doing the same.

We have online programs available, and we ensure that our retreats are selective and exclusive –
because we believe that focus and intention breeds the best results.

If you would like to find occupational success and discover how to deal with burnout in ways that
best suit you as an individual, then I invite you to book a clarity session with me to get the ball

We are truly honored to have made your acquaintance, and we’re so excited to walk beside you as
you work to find your purpose.

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